Big update: Patch 3.01 is out!

As part of the push this month, the game engine has received an upgrade, adding in-game notifications for your journal tasks, traits and character info. Backgrounds have been added to many passages and the sidebar has received some better visuals and been improved to work without needing to go back.

Due to these core changes, we decided that it was appropriate to move the game version up from 0.2x to 0.3x - it truly is the beginning of a new chapter!

And of course the new patch also brings some new content in terms of story and scenes ;) Find full changes below:

Chapter 1

-added a few improvements to the "Thoughts" module when waking up after a reset;

-added a new option for Sabrina's training: love for the grotesque;

-added some improvements to Sabrina's hub;

-added a minor event during work that allows to return Ionut's keys if the player still has them

-improved cemetery descriptions;

Chapter 2

-added a new interactable in the garden: the ominous tree;

-added the cemetery as a location in ch2;

-added a new character: Ruxandra;

-added new character art: Ruxandra;

-added a new item that can be obtained: the runic necklace;

-added new sex scene: the evil tree;

-added two new pieces of art: evil tree;


Background art

-created new style for passages that have background art;

-added new background art: the reception;

-applied "reception style" to appropriate passages;

-added new background art: the cemetery;

-applied "cemetery style" to appropriate passages;

-added new background art: the inn;

-applied "inn style" to appropriate passages;



-added a notification function for game events;

-added notifications for trait changes;

-added notifications for updates to character entries in the journal;

-added notifications for updates to tasks;

-added notifications for finding secrets;

-added notifications for permanent choices;

-added notifications for location updates;

-added a settings option to toggle notifications on and off;

-general engine improvements in tracking traits and stats;



-added credits page to the changelog;

-improved image compression for faster load times;

-fixed an issue on mobile where some links could not be clicked because they had a mouseover effect;

-added new border to the sidebar;

-improved sidebar navigations so all menus remain accessible at all times (instead of having to close one and then open another);

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Apr 02, 2021

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So just to be sure, when the text is all red it means that the option is not available yet?

(1 edit) (+1)

Just to avoid confusion (which we're working to resolve asap):

-Small cursive red text that is perfectly readable but cannot be clicked -> option not in the game yet

-Big red link that is readable and has on-hover effects-> permanent choices in the story

-Red smudged text that is distorted and unreadable - locked option that can be unlocked with stats/choices

Apologies if this was slightly confusing, working to fill in all the unavailable options so this doesn't happen anymore. Also thank you for the positive review, glad you enjoyed it!